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Support Services

If you have Parkinson's disease, you will likely need the support of Parkinson's specialists other than your doctor at times.  These may include physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, music and dance therapists,  and counselors among others.

This list is provided as a resource to the local Parkinson's community only.  We do not endorse any particular specialists.


Music Dance and Art

“Art and aesthetics can quite literally rewire your brain. They are a secret sauce that helps build new synaptic connections.”​

Ivy Ross & Susan Magsamen

 Your Brain on Art

Orange County Tremble Clefs

Music therapist, Karen Skipper leads this delightful and fun filled group as they "sing and explore the therapeutic values of music."  The Tremble Clefs have online and in person classes.



RX Ballroom Dance

Rx Ballroom Dance is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the healthy benefits of ballroom dancing to those struggling neurological functioning.  Classes are free and are held throughout Orange County,  San Diego and Riverside.


Painting for Parkinson's

Art classes are offered by Hoag in Irvine. No art experience needed.  Classes are for people with Parkinson's only.


Rehab Services - PT/OT/Speech

California Rehab and Sports Therapy

Multiple locations throughout the county.

Complete Balance Solutions

Complete Balance Solutions specializes in neurological rehab and balance issues. Located in Laguna Hills, Irvine and Seal Beach.

Deluxe Therapy Solutions

Occupational Therapist, Rebecca Miller offers mobile in home individualized therapy programs, home safety assessments, equipment recommendations, caregiver education,  and wellness groups.

Forever Young Physical Therapy

Forever Young offers a variety of PT services and  is now offering PT services at I Am Movement/Rock Steady Boxing in Irvine.

Hoag Outpatient Rehab

Hoag  offers a variety of services including PT, OT, and Speech Therapy in Newport Beach and in Irvine.  Hoag is also home to speech therapists certified by the Parkinson's Voice Project.

Kaiser Permanente Irvine

If you are a Kaiser patient, please talk to your physician if needing Physical Therapy for your Parkinson's.

LSVT Big and Loud

Big and Loud classes are offered several places throughout the county including:

Dr. Patricia Brown  Chapman University

California Therapy Solutions (various locations)

Saddleback Medical Center


OC Neuro Rehab

Located in Laguna Niguel, physical therapists Arthur Lupsha and Kellie Lupsha, specialize in physical therapy for stroke and other neurological disorders including Parkinson's.

OCOT/Leann Vitale

Occupational Therapy

The OCOT provides one-one-one, individualized occupational and physical therapy services. Leann is LSVT BIG certified and PWR!Moves certified. She has a special interest in Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, and other brain injuries.

Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center

Orange Coast Memorial offers speech, OT, PT.  Several Speech Pathologists at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center are certified by the Parkinson's Voice Project. These classes meet at the Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley.

Call 714-378-7000 for more information.

Parkinson's Voice Project

The Parkinson's Voice Project is based in Texas but they certify Speech Language Pathologists throughout the country.  To find a provider in your area, check here.

Parkinson's Wellness Program

Long Beach Memorial

The MemorialCare Rehabilitation Institute offers a free outdoor, in-person Parkinson’s Wellness Program for people who are having difficulty moving, speaking and thinking due to Parkinson’s Disease or Parkinson’s-like symptoms. 

Progressive PT and Rehab

Progressive PT and Rehab offers LSVT Big Therapy which is designed specifically for people with Parkinson's. Multiple locations in Orange County.

Providence/Mission Hospital

Physical Rehab Clinic

Tori Hummel, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist 

27799 Medical Center Road, Suite 260

Mission Viejo


Reneu Health In-home Services

Reneu Health Activity-based Therapy targets PD motor symptoms including FOG, tremors (dyskinesia), stiffness/slowing of movement (bradykinesia), and compromised balance & coordination. In-home therapy.

Christel Mitrovich, OC Director of Operations        619-261-3424

Rogue Physical Therapy

Dr. Claire McLean PT, DPT. NCS

Claire McLean is a PWR! certified instructor and  specializes in treating those with Parkinson's.  Rogue PT offers a variety of exercise classes, speech, cooking, and educational classes. All exercise classes are taught by physical therapists. In person classes are held in Fountain Valley. Rogue also offers a comprehensive virtual program called Rogue in Motion.

St. Jude Center for Rehab and Wellness

St. Jude offers outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and fitness classes for people with Parkinson's. They are located at  2767 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea

UCI Parkinson's Wellness Program

The UCI Health Parkinson’s Wellness Program (PWP) offers weekly classes for people who experience difficulty moving and thinking due to Parkinson’s disease or Parkinson’s-like symptoms.

Cognitive and Mental Health Services

Brain Wellness Institute

In partnership with the UCLA Longevity Center, the Brain Wellness Institute in Newport Beach holds individual and group therapy sessions designed to help those with mild age-related memory issues or mild cognitive impairment caused by Parkinson's and other conditions.  This program is designed to help improve and maintain memory ability including attention, memory and recall.


Allison Lehrich, LCSW

Cognitive Care Solutions

Allison is a licensed clinical social worker, who has spent more than two decades assisting seniors and their families. Allyson excels at identifying the clinical aspects of senior cognitive states, as well as counseling seniors and their families regarding resulting emotional issues.


Learn More

Julia Evans PhD Neuropsychologist

Dr. Evans is a  clinical psychologist specializing in neuropsychological evaluations, cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy.


Renee Marsh, MA, LMFT

Renee Marsh is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She offers  virtual counseling and also facilitates the South OC Parkinson's Care Partner Support Group. You can reach Renee at

Timothy O'Brien PhD, Neuropsychologist

Dr. O'Brien is a  clinical psychologist specializing in Parkinson's and Movement Disorders.



O.C. Health Psychologists

OC Health offers psychological and neuropsychological evaluations. Their focus is on mental wellness and integrative care for the body, mind and spirit.


Allison Smith LMFT

OC Neuropain

Licensed marriage and family therapist, Allison Smith (aka: the Perky Parkie), has the unique perspective of living with Young Onset Parksinson's herself.  Allison is part of the team at Dr. Martinez's office in Aliso Viejo.


Darlene Mann MSW

Life Care Manager/Social Worker

Darlene is a highly experienced master level social worker who has dedicated her professional career to working with older adults through the aging process. Expert in all facets of the aging process from healthy aging, issues of cognitive decline, complications of physical factors, diseases common in the senior population, to end of life decisions and the dying process. Trained in geriatric assessment to determine appropriate level of care needs.

Contact Darlene at

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