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Movement Disorder Specialists

f you have Parkinson’s Disease, it is important to see a doctor who specializes in movement disorders. According to the Michael J. Fox Foundation,  a movement disorder specialist is a neurologist with specific training in the subspecialty of movement disorders.

These specialists typically see a greater number of patients with movement disorders and are more familiar with the treatments and medications that people with Parkinson’s need. Movement Disorder Specialists are usually more up to date on the latest research and clinical trials. It is helpful to choose a doctor who is aware of and  will refer you to resources in your community like support groups and fitness programs. Your Movement Disorder Specialist is a crucial member of your care team so it is also important to choose a doctor that you feel comfortable talking with and takes time to address your concerns.

Parkinson's OC is providing this list or physicians as a resource only.  We do not endorse any physicians.


Sanaz Attaripour Isfahani MD, MDS                          Irvine, Orange, Yorba Linda, Tustin

Mindy Bixby DO, MDS                                               Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo


Mitchell Brin MD, MDS                                                Irvine

Dr. Nita Chen MD MDS                                               Newport Beach

Claire Henchcliffe MD, MDS                                       Irvine

Ken Martinez MD, MDS                                              Aliso Viejo

Anna Morenkova MD,PhD, MS                                  Irvine, Orange

Carolyn Neff MD, MDS                                               Kaiser


Farzin Pedouim MD, MDS                                         Newport Beach

Nicolas Phielipp MD, MDS                                        Irvine, Orange

David Swope MD, MDS                                             Irvine, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach

Sandeep Thakkar DO, MDS                                      Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach

Ronak Vora DO, MDS                                                Mission Viejo

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